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About Us

DimeFi is where you go when dollars don't add up like crypto does.

Our Mission
Our Mission

DimeFi is on a mission to make cryptocurrencies and decentralized finance (DeFi) accessible to everyone.

The world is experiencing a significant shift in the underlying infrastructure, powering financial applications backed by DeFi. Yet, DeFi applications are still in their nascent stage of development and are very difficult for the general population to use. As a result, the benefits of DeFi are enjoyed mostly by crypto technologists, and everyday people are left out.

By harnessing the power of DeFi, you get the opportunity to earn passive returns at 10x interest rate you receive with your bank. We help you reach financial freedom to live a fulfilled life, whatever that looks like to you.

Our Team

DimeFi is founded in Silicon Valley and built by a talented team of PM, engineers, and designers who joined from Uber, Robinhood, Airbnb, Microsoft, and etc.


Rex ensures that DimeFi provides the highest quality service to its valued customers around the clock. He has decades of industry experience in areas like risk control, payments and user growth. Before DimeFi, Rex helped Uber manage payment risk for billion-dollar cash flow as well as grew its user base 20x in two years.


Alan is a serial entrepreneur with multiple successful exits.


Chris, a long-term crypto holder and firm believer in the prospects of the crypto economy, is responsible for finding you the best yields on DeFi while keeping your money safe. Previously, he was a product manager building consumer-facing products at Deepmap and Workday.


Tao oversees engineering at DimeFi and the reliability of DimeFi's backend services. He brings to the team decades of high-performance computing and machine-learning expertise. Previously, he was an engineering manager at Uber and an early engineer at AppLovin.


Ze leads product engineering at DimeFi, building all the features you love. Previous to DimeFi, he led a team of engineers, designers, data analysts/scientists at Uber to identify and control fraud risk.


Curcio builds the DimeFi iOS application. A successful entrepreneur, he's built and sold multiple projects, including a crypto exchange with over 54k users. Curcio weighs in with both technical and business experience.


Sean is in charge of payment and risk engineering at DimeFi. He has more than a decade of experience in building trading, security and risk control systems at various household name companies like Robinhood, Airbnb and Microsoft.


Joi creates user-friendly product experiences for DimeFi customers. She's an experienced product lead designer with more than six years of demonstrated history leading the design of software applications for various devices and users.


AnnaMarie, a seasoned writer, works to develop DimeFi's voice and share compelling copy that clearly communicates and connects with users. She is a journalist and copywriter for both big businesses and scaling startups alike.


Jessie spearheads accounting, finance and risk control at DimeFi. She carries tens of years of experience on Wall Street and boasts a broad understanding of and interest in financial markets, emerging technologies, trends, and innovations.