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Earn 12% interest on your money.

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0.5% APY
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*DimeFi is a registered Money Services Business ('MSB') with the US Treasury Department. DimeFi is not a bank.
*Benchmark information is collected from the websites of each financial institution. Last updated on January 10, 2022.

How DimeFi Works?

Link a bank account,
and deposit funds.
Easily connect your bank account via Plaid, and deposit funds to get started.
Earn interest instantly,
and get paid daily.
DimeFi pays out your compounded interest daily. You can withdraw your funds any time for free 10 days after your ACH deposit has settled.
Invest Crypto,
and earn cashback.
Trade popular cryptocurrencies on DimeFi, and earn 0.2% cashback each time you buy or sell.

Never sacrifice security again.

DimeFi is built with battle-tested security standard and works with industry-leading partners to provide multi-layer security for digital assets.

DimeFi securely saves your data with AES-256 encryption and leverages Transport Layer Security (TLS) to protect it in transit.

Dime partners with NexusMutual to provide 100% DeFi asset coverage.

DimeFi requires multifactor authentication with advanced adaptive risk control to protect your account access.

DimeFi protects your funds with 24/7 fraud and transaction monitoring.

DimeFi only works with industry-leading partners to protect digital assets.

DimeFi securely stores digital assets with our SOC 2 Type II certified-custodian partner.

Earn more,
Invest in Crypto.
Earn more,
Invest in Crypto.

Trading on DimeFi is free, forever.

Make 0.2% cashback every time you buy and sell cryptocurrencies.

Earn more with your crypto positions.


Frequently Asked Questions

When you deposit with DimeFi, your USD will be converted to stablecoin (USDC) so we can put those dollars to work in decentralized finance (DeFi) to earn yields. Stablecoins are cryptocurrencies whose value is pegged to a dollar. Learn more about stablecoin here.

DimeFi earns a reward by lending funds to DeFi liquidity pools to support their financial activities like crypto trading, lending, and borrowing. We work with two of the biggest DeFi platforms, Curve and Convex Finance, with each platform managing over $20 billion worth of assets. Learn more here.

Other types of cryptocurrency in your DimeFi account are subject to different interest rates. Visit here for more details.
DimeFi works with top DeFi platforms, Curve and Convex Finance, to deploy our assets for yield. Each platform has over $20 billion under management and is regularly audited by blockchain security experts for potential security issues and bugs.

To gain extra safety, DimeFi purchases DeFi coverage for 100% of our funds deployed to DeFi protocols. The coverage protects against smart contract hacks, bugs, failures, and stablecoin de-peg risks. Currently, the DeFi coverage is provided by NexusMutual, the largest coverage provider in the industry. Learn more about NexusMutual here.

DimeFi also partners with Fireblocks to store our assets in enterprise-grade asset storage with multi-layer approval process for every transaction. It ensures the security of funds *before* they are deployed to DeFi protocols. Learn more about Fireblocks here

DimeFi converts the USD deposits only to stablecoins, which means the price fluctuation of volatile digital assets like Bitcoin or Ether will not decrease the value of our principles.

Lastly, because DimeFi is not a bank, funds at DimeFi are not FDIC-insured.
If you deposit your money via ACH, you will be able to withdraw your funds for free 10 days after the transaction is settled on DimeFi. If your fund is deposited via blockchain, you will be able to withdraw immediately after the transaction is settled on the blockchain.
DimeFi is currently not available to residents in Connecticut, Florida, Illinois, Louisiana, New York, Texas, or Washington. We are actively working on making our service available everywhere in the US.
Consolidated tax documents (1099-Misc) will be available inside our app at the beginning of 2022 so you can easily import your tax information for common tax services like TurboTax or H&R Block.

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